Bring more smiles into your career center

  • Bring more students to your events. Get on demand photoshoots. All completely free.

Career centers that partner with Bryte

Hear it from our partners

  • The time commitment is pretty much nothing. All we need to do is pick the dates and the Bryte Photo Team runs with it, and I never have to worry.

    -- Amy Tarbox, The CareerLAB

  • 100% of our career center partners keep using Bryte Photo to take all of their LinkedIn photos.

  • Members from each of our partner career centers have volunteered their contact information. If you’d like to speak with one of them contact us and we’ll be happy to share it with you.

How we're free for career centers

We've always given a photo with basic touchup to every student who attends a photoshoot. A portion of students also request premium touchup for their photos. Premium options are available to students at $8-15/photo. These purchases account for all of our revenue. 96% are satisfied with their photos, they love having options.*

*Survey data is collected from 200 students across 5 schools. The survey was conducted in Jan. 2017.

Free photo with Basic Touchup

Photo with Premium Touchup

We help career centers...

Bring more students to events

Our partners pair photoshoots with their workshops and career fairs to help boost attendance. A recent workshop at BU saw 30% higher than expected attendance due to students walking in from our photoshoot. In addition, 64% of students say taking photos with Bryte makes them more likely to attend other career center events.

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Reach more students on campus

We are more popular with students than our partners' previous photography services. Our photoshoots attract hundreds of students to career centers. Some event have long waitlists. Our first photoshoot at Brown had 154 on its waitlist and our photoshoot at the BU Fall Career Fair had 407. Word gets around campus too, 28% of photoshoot attendees heard about Bryte Photo from someone other than their career centers.

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Organize photoshoots on demand

We have technology to automate the signup, photo ordering, and photo delivery processes. We'll also get you a Bryte photographer at the time, date, and location you request. Choose the event you'd like to hold a photoshoot in conjunction with, and we make it happen. For our career center partners, organizing photoshoots takes minutes.

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After the photoshoot

81% of students update multiple elements of their LinkedIn profiles

38% of students apply for jobs or internships

Other Highlights of Bryte

Students use our online system to book photo sessions. This minimizes confusion and lines at photoshoots.

We provide you with promotional email and poster templates to make promoting photoshoots easy.

Our foolproof system has delivers every student his or her photo. Don't spend your valuable time emailing students photos.

We can include surveys on our sign up pages so you can know the majors, and more, of who’s attending. All data is 100% private.

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