Turn your passion for photography into an awesome job.

$20/ hour pay

Get paid $20/ hour for every hour you work with Bryte. We pay you at that rate during equipment setup and photo uploading, so expect a hefty paycheck :)

Unique Opportunities

We’ll match you with large photoshoots at schools and conferences. You’ll be taking photos at photography gigs that professionals work for years to get!

Bryte Resources

You’ll have access to free training and equipment from Bryte. This includes 1-on-1 Training as well lighting and Backdrop equipment.

Schools we'll be taking photos at next semester

Taking photos with Bryte

Bryte Photo was started by two Brown students who wanted a better way to take LinkedIn photos. They went on to design their own “pose flow” and camera equipment setup that produced amazing LinkedIn photos. They were quickly hired Brown’s Career Center, The CareerLAB, and now partner with career centers at numerous schools. Sticking to its roots, Bryte Photo teaches its original formula to student photographers on its partner campuses, and then hires these students to take photos at LinkedIn photoshoots.

Free equipment

We provide you with the lighting and backdrop equipment you’ll need to take LinkedIn photos. It all fits into a golf-bag-sized duffel bag that is easy to carry – no need to worry about breaking your back. All you need is your own DSLR and tripod.

Hear it from our photographers

One of our photographers made $800 over five, 5-hour-photoshoots last semester.

"I've loved being a photographer! It's given me the opportunity to expand my photography skills and make me more confident with my camera. It's really fun to interact with fellow students, and the pay is great!"

"It's a really good chance to get experience with portraits. I learned a lot about how lighting effects portraits. Also the pace of the job made me more comfortable with making adjustments comfortably while photographing outside of the job."

Learn from experts

We’ll teach you our formula for taking LinkedIn photos. You’ll be paired with one of our staff who will teach you 1-on-1. Our training sessions are quick and easy and our staff is always available for follow up training sessions and your questions.